"The experience has a greater value than a lot of work..."

PixelData has experience in managing outsourced projects for engineering and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications. The flexibility of our products is provided by the complex relations available through application's design that allow customers to configure them according to their specific workflows.

Werth Messtechnik GmbH

  • 3D software in C++ for measuring head configuration.
  • Auto configuration and testing measuring head for measuring machine.
  • 3D off line simulation of measuring process.
  • Collisions checking.

Whalen Consulting

ERP software

  • Developed in C#;
  • DB code is running under MS SQL 2005;
  • The GUI was developed using DevExpress tools.

Leadextreme Innovative Marketing

EmailLaunch - e-mail based marketing campaigns. Distributed platform for e-mail management based on:

  • Central DB core – MySQL, Delphi, XML
  • Specialized nodes for e-mail management – Java
  • WGI – Web Graphical Interfaces for remote administration and configuration – PHP, XML


  • Profile Manager
  • List Rewards
  • Free Gift Campaign

Siemens Program and System Engineering

Medical ERP software

  • Included additional modules for workflow and patient management;
  • Developed in WPF;
  • DB code is running under MS SQL 2005;

The Faculty of Medicine "Iuliu Haţieganu" Cluj-Napoca (UMF)

Dental Imaging web portal developed with:

  • Python, C#;
  • JBoss;
  • DB code is running under MS SQL;

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (UTCN)

Acquisition and processing of information relating to Röntgen (X-Ray) radiation dosage in medical imaging

  • C++, ASP.NET, AJAX;
  • DICOM, HL7 standards;
  • MS SQL;
  • Crystal Reports;